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About Me

Documenting the life of you and yours...

Those who know me, will tell you I am in love with photography. I have worked constantly in this area for the last 10 years, teaching, winning awards, achieving national recognition. 


 One of the most important things in life is making sure we understand that images are such an important gift to our families, and without them we have no way to recap or reflect on the past.   

Why Memorial Imprints? 

When I first started the business of photography is because I wanted to do something different. I also realized as life moves on, we only get together during a wedding and a funeral, how sad is that? So, what better way to remember and capture such important and everlasting events in one's life?  

Needless to say, documenting your life is important. Remind your family.        Image By: Soulfully Made Photography

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